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9 simple things for a great Kitchen space

‘Premium living space’ has become the mother of innovative interior designs. A simple layout is comparatively economical and has more workable options to offer than one can imagine. Designed for ‘a one person at a time’ concept, these kitchen designs and layouts can make for an efficient workflow with these 10 simple trends.

More than what meets the eye:

1. Create a sociable layout:

The single- wall kitchen can seem to encroach the adjoining living area. However this myth can be broken by freeing up more space outside the kitchen thus accommodating the user’s needs and lifestyle.

2. Workout an efficient design:

The challenge in designing a kitchen comes when there is limited space. This however, need not be a deterrent to ample storing ideas. Every nook and corner can be converted into tall storage units with efficient planning. The fridge, dish washer, oven and cooktop can be at the far ends, while storage spaces can be created under counters on either side of the range.

3. Opt for a standard run of cabinets:

Along with the tall cabinetry on either ends, any wall in the kitchen usually is complete with upper as well as lower cabinets. Ensure that the cabinetry stretches the full length of the wall.

4. Mixed Shelving:

Yet another option could be to break the monotony of the single run of cabinets. Inserting an exhaust, a dish washer or a small decorative or practical use shelf can add some interest. Breaking up kitchen cabinet space creatively can be viable option.

5. Mounting bridged upper cabinets

Depending on the space available, a run of bridging cabinets can be introduced along the top of the upper cabinets. Apart from creating a sunken effect for the upper cabinets these bridging shelves provides ample storage. The upper top cabinets are about 26 inches deep, while the upper cabinets are about 14 inches deep. This gives a feature wall effect or a framed kitchen look. This arrangement can be beneficial to store items used less often in the top cabinets.

6. Optimize Storage

Be it a small or big kitchen, storage is equally important. A single wall kitchen can have generous storage with careful planning. Apart from having generous cupboard space, experiment with more places in the kitchen as storage areas. Storage underneath the seating area and upper cabinets. To create a fluid look, match the furniture outside with the same finish. This gives a continuity between kitchen and living areas.

7. Pick smaller appliances:

Many modern appliances are specially designed for smaller spaces, these days. Installing integrated compact dishwashers, ovens, micro wave ovens, steam ovens, exhaust and drawers clears obstructed view from the adjoining areas. Quieter models and smaller appliances best suits this open layout. Thus, people watching TV or reading in the living area need not find it a hassle.

8. Delineate the space:

You may experiment with customised bar counters with stools. This can be great option for entertaining guests as well as for daily quick meals. A wisely picked table too can simply add extra dining and work surface. Tables can be customised with drawers to keep books and cutlery. Such alternatives can create a distinction between the living and kitchen areas. Furthermore a distinct change in the flooring marks distinction in both areas.

9. Highlight one feature:

A stone featured wall can draw interest to a particular style. You may either contrast your cabinets with your wall area or simply go for a single toned look. Decide what you need to highlight. Bold colored cabinets is yet another way to keep your focal point on the light colored wall or vice versa. This could be complimented with a distinctive backsplash or statement shelving.

Use the Kitchen walls to make ample room for being creative in utilizing space to the best. It is worth experimenting with the various options given above to remodel and highlight your kitchen area in ways that speaks for you. Let your preferences add in style and comfort.

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