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About Factory

Since 1993, we have built a solid reputation for designing and constructing the finest interior designs. We are an Interior design and decorating company of international standard. With manufacturing facilities in Canada and India our Modular Kitchen designs and models are of unmatched quality delivering value to the home owner by way of unparalleled durability and ease of use. Over the years we have perfected the art of complimenting lifestyle with the best in class kitchen models, bathroom vanities and interiors designs.

About Factory


World Class Material

The longevity of an interior design depends on the quality of materials used. Our designers give you options that are long lasting and stylish. We build a décor not just to last but ones that would have the least maintenance costs. Our uncompromising attitude on the quality of the materials used has made us a global leader in the interior design and modular kitchen industry.

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Dedicated Designers

You are the purpose of our services. Every client of ours gets a dedicated designer who guides through the interior and kitchen design process with insights and innovative interior solutions, to help you get the most of the space.



International Quality Finishes

We care a lot about what you finally get. The Finish. And that’s why we start well, with materials and products that can guarantee the exceptional comfort, a stunning appearance and all – round utility.

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5 Years Warranty

We believe that endurance comes with quality. And a warranty is a re-assurance of our quality. We offer a 5 year warranty on the furniture you buy from us. This would mean protection on structural damage, staining and other accidental damage.

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45 Days Delivery

We keep time. Get all your ordered furniture within 45 working days. Our packing and delivery team does a careful inspection of the items before it reaches you. It’s wrapped and safely transported to your place at a time of your convenience.

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What you saw What you get

When you decide to get your kitchen done with us, our project managers take over the process end-to-end and ensure that you get what was promised and as per the stated details on the agreement. Be sure to see the exact same kitchen model that you imagined and agreed for.

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